CHLOE ADELLE’s 3121 Project: 
We are calling on all Rap Artists to collaborate with us and create a brand new track. So far we have layed down the beats and music for the track which in A minor and 124bpm. We require you to download the track from the link below (WAV or MP3) and write your own lyrics which is pretty much what you feel like from listening to the track.
Drop the track in which ever DAW you are using as an artist and record your vocals. The space in the song we need you in is from bar 19 to 35 , 51 to 59 , 65 to 67 , 83 to 85 and 91 to 98. Off course feel free to Ad Lib anything else you like. We will need your recording as a single WAV of AIF file(s) with your vocals only which you can upload to a dropbox or Google Drive and email us to share the content. Make sure you have a click track at the very beginning of your track to line up in the mix or make your track the same length as the backing at 124bpm.
The song will be fully mixed and mastered then published on iTunes and all other web media. You will share a 50% royalty feed from all sales of the track and the opportunity to collaborate with us!
For more details contact us directly at
We have uploaded a new version of the track including some of the vocals which will be in the final mix, at this stage the song may be titled “Loud” (very much work in progress)